How to choose the best business center in Dubai

How to choose the best business center in Dubai?

Every day, it is more common to work outside traditional offices. In this sense, one of the best options is a business center, which gives you the comfort of flexible and ready-to-use office space. You can work in a professional environment without spending too much money.

In this article, we are going to talk about the definition of a business center, the services they offer, and the different factors to consider to hire the best one.

1. What is a business center?

At its inception, a business center in Dubai was any space in a hotel that was equipped with computers and desks where business people could work. Today, they have evolved to offer more sophisticated services. There are different types of business centers and they can be customized according to the company.

A business center is ideal for large companies looking to expand their spaces.  It is also ideal for home businesses looking for a professional space to meet with their clients. However, there are certain factors that every center must have.

Within these factors, you must consider the location. Ideally, it should have a central location. On the other hand, it is not ideal that you work in a business center that has many other offices of the same style. Being near to the competition will make you less attractive to clients.

business center in Dubai is characterized by its versatility and variety of options. You can access personalized office packages, ready-to-use offices, and even virtual offices. You can also decide between renting the office or leasing it for a longer time.

2. What packages does a good business center offer?

Below, we list some of the packages that a business center in UAE can offer.

2.1 Garage

A variety of business centers may offer garages within their packages. This package can include the mount, or they can leave everything ready for you to mount and customize. The garage can be used to store cars. It can also serve as a repository to store boxes or important documents.

2.2 Panoramic package

If you are looking for a more sophisticated business center in Dubai that highlights the beauty of the city, you can request a space with a panoramic view. These packages are also striking for their location. They are generally located in central parts of Dubai to get the full panoramic view of the city, making them very accessible.

2.3 Agile package

This is one of the most economic packages offered by a business center. With this package, you can divide the space and the payment into several cycles. This allows you to share space and investment with all business stakeholders.

2.4 Business packages

Business packages include features that more basic packages do not include. For example, fax service, concierge services, tea and coffee services, and telephone services in various languages.

All Dubai business center packages offer other benefits. For example, you can enjoy quality Internet access, telephone service, meeting rooms, IT support, copy and printing services, and lounge access. Take into account that a business center rent in Dubai can range from different prices depending on the package you choose.

With the best business center in Dubai, you can access all these packages and benefits, and much more. Some other benefits are the following:

  • Reception services
  • Optional fully covered parking
  • Free electricity and water charges
  • Housekeeping services

3. Services offered by business centers

Some of the services that a professional business center offers are the following:

3.1 Private offices

When you are looking for a business center rent in Dubai and you like to work on your own, a private office is one of the best options. It is ideal for people who want a professional space without other people being side by side with them.

There are many advantages to working with a private office in Dubai. A private office offers greater security protocols than a shared office. In addition, the cost of hiring a business center to take care of the assembly and infrastructure of the office is much lower than if you tried to do it on your own.

There are many types of private offices that you can access, depending on the needs of your business. Make sure you know the differences of what each space offers before deciding.

3.2 Virtual offices

With the advancement of technology, the rental of virtual offices has become increasingly common. Virtual offices offer the same advantages as other business center services, with the difference that you don’t need a physical space to work.

A virtual office allows you to work remotely but in a professional environment. It is also less expensive because you can get rid of the administrative hassles that come with renting or leasing a physical space. Because they are much more economical, it is very common for new investors to prefer virtual offices.

Find out about the advantages of a virtual office over conventional spaces so you know if it is the best option for your business.

3.3 Executive offices

Executive offices are services offered by business centers for the heads and directors of a company. There, they can meet and discuss the core operations of the company. These are usually far from the rest of the offices and are exclusively for the company’s central officers.

They are usually larger than the other offices and may have other areas, such as private bathrooms or a lounge. Executive offices play an important role for companies that are large or just starting out.

3.4 Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are another space offered by business centers in the UAE. These spaces are ideal for business meetings. They can also be used for interviews. There are many reasons why it is important to have a professional space to hold business meetings.

4. What factors make a business center the best?

To begin with, a good business center in UAE should offer a wide variety of services and packages, such as some of those mentioned above. The services must not only be varied but must also have the possibility of being personalized in terms of space and services.

A professional business center must be flexible with the packages they offer because each company has different needs. For example, if you want a space for an interview, you should be able to rent a smaller space than if you needed a meeting.

Also, a good business center should give you the option to add or remove services from a package, instead of offering fixed packages that cannot be changed. Before you decide on any business center rent in Dubai, read the contract to make sure that you can withdraw any of the services without paying more money.

Flexibility is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best business center in the UAE, but it is not the only one. We list below some other aspects that will help you choose the center:

4.1 Networking opportunities

In addition to offering spaces for meetings and administrative activities, business centers must offer an environment to connect with other business people. An outstanding aspect is that they offer educational panels and programs so that the company learns about the growth of its company.

4.2 Food and coffee lounges

Although it might seem that food and coffee are only secondary aspects of a professional business center, they are very important aspects. First of all, there should be a place where employees can recharge their energy after long working hours.

Food and coffee lounges are spaces where employees can de-stress and also serve as networking spaces. A space to drink coffee can serve as a means to establish a conversation between heads of different businesses.

4.3 Quality over design

business center in Dubai, UAE stands out for its versatile, sophisticated, and professional environment. However, design is not everything. It is also important for the infrastructure of the center to be of good quality.

A business center is likely to be a place where you will remain several hours seated, so the center needs to have comfortable furniture in addition to looking nice. Good quality also means making sure that the infrastructure has the minimum security protocols.

Your clients will be more attracted to your business if they know you’ve gone to the trouble of securing comfortable chairs, desks, and sofas for them. 

4.4 Extra amenities

In addition to the basic amenities that all business centers should offer, the most outstanding business centers offer bonus amenities. Within them are game rooms and gyms. These spaces are highly sought after by bosses and executives, as they want a place to work but also to relax.

A good quality Dubai business center, such as Connect Business Center, offers all these amenities in its executive packages. The bonus amenities will also depend on the needs of your business. For example, if you know you need to send or receive mail, you can request a mail handling service.

4.5 Availability of meeting rooms

As we already mentioned, meeting rooms are very important spaces for your business. Beyond having a professional space where you can work, you must also have a space to meet with your clients. The business centers with the best reputation offer these spaces all year round.

We offer comfortable, professional, spacious meeting rooms with modern infrastructure. You can use them for interviews, business meetings and even to carry out lectures.

4.5 Admin staff

Every business center in Dubai must have a professional admin staff. The admin staff can consist of several parts. For example, a receptionist who attends to your clients and a secretary who can take care of the paperwork for you.

You can also get a specialized staff in the area of ​​your business. They can help you with any questions about the growth and success of your business. This is ideal for small businesses that are just starting out and need guidance.

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